I thrive when I am able to encourage, challenge and facilitate fresh understanding and integration of things we might have known or heard with things we haven’t known or heard—all with the goal of helping us engage and be more present and available to our own messy lives and the beauty in them. I delight in putting things together in ways others don’t. I love to use stories to make truth and meaning come to life.

I am available for speaking at retreats, churches, events, or for leading workshops or classes.

In addition to preaching the scriptures, I have led retreats, workshops and spoken on such topics as creating your own rule of life, the Enneagram, various types and aspects of prayer, other spiritual disciplines, tasting and savoring Scripture, hospitality, friendship, and other such topics like daring to discover more of who we’re created to be and tapping into, understanding and using our God-given creativity. I have also been known to speak on parenting and marriage issues, usually with a good dose of humility and humor, sharing things I’ve learned (and not) along the way in parenting three kids and living with the same guy (I am married to him…) for 22 years.

I seek to combine the vigorous biblical and theological training I have received with the down-to-earth, practical mom side of me that wants to know how to live things, not just know them.

“Kimberly Crispeno is a gifted and inspired preacher, speaker, and teacher. She brings honest stories of herself, a humble attitude toward life, and her extensive knowledge of the Bible and literature together to captivate, inspire, and challenge her audience. I always look forward to her speaking and consistently leave with new insights that stay with me long past the presentation.”

Jamie Froebe, PhD, Adjunct Professor, Northwest University

“I’ve personally known Kimberly Crispeno for over 15 years. I’ve heard her speak many times and have always been touched by the words she so carefully chose and shared. She speaks as she writes: from the heart. That kind of communication is rare in today’s society when many prefer shallowness and flippancy to depth. Kimberly is an adept storyteller and that talent, along with the heartfelt emotion she communicates, allow her words to softly, gently, percolate through the many-layered depths of my soul, when many other’s words go forgotten. I’m so blessed to know her and have her as a friend.”

Tony Reynolds, Writer; Owner/Roaster at Caffé Arrosto