Our lives are always speaking to us through the people that populate them, the things we experience, what we are feeling or sensing, the limits, locations and circumstances of them. A spiritual director is a companion listening alongside of you to whatever it is that is coming to the surface, seeking to help you discern and hear the guidance being given through your particular life that will enable you to live more fully, intentionally, and creatively where you are.

A spiritual director can help you spot the sun through the trees. They help guide and support you as you seek to live into your truest and best self—the self you were created to be. Providing guidance and resources in your spiritual journey, they offer a place to safely process your questions, wonderings, and desires to be and do that which brings joy and meaning both to you and others.

I offer individual and group spiritual direction, with in person and online/audio options. I would be honored to listen with you to your life and what it is saying.